Thursday, 4 December 2008

Today Inter Faith Calendar

Interfaith Calendar of World Religions for the iPhone.

with notification
You will now be alerted through notifications system for any name-day, birthday or anniversary from your contacts!

in case a problem occurs uninstall and reinstall 

This Calendar is a personalized (configurable) electronic Interfaith calendar of primary sacred times for world religions.
The user may select amongst various types of religious calendars as well as their respective religious holidays and saints.

Available calendar types:
1. Bahai
2. Chinese Gan Zhi
3. Gregorian
4. Jewish
5. Julian
6. Islamic
7. Persian

The calendar displays:
1. Date, as well as Day/Month/Year
2. Sunrise and sunset time based on Time Zone, Latitude & Longitude
3. Lunar phase
4. Personalized (customizable) religious holidays:
a. Báha' i (major holidays)
b. Buddhist (major holidays)
c. Catholic (Saints Calendar)
d. Jewish (major holidays)
e. Muslim (major holidays)
f. Orthodox (Saints Calendar)
g. Orthodox(Greek) (Saints Calendar)
h. Orthodox old (Saints Calendar)
i. Orthodox old (Greek) (Saints Calendar)
j. Sikh (major holidays)
k. United Nations World Days
l. Biorhythms with comments new!

Other features include:

• New: Navigation through dates more easily with date-picker control
• New: Biorhythms with comments
• New: Zodiac signs & characteristics
• New: Zodiac backgrounds
• New: Turning page sound effect
• Day to day navigation (alternatively with slide left or right feature)
• Resume of current day (alternatively with shake feature)
• Instant estimation of latitude and longitude coordinates
• Concurrent display of all calendar types including all religious holidays

The Christian saint calendars display both regular and floating holidays as well as Easter holiday for all calendar years. For all other religions, all holidays are viewed for years 2008-2011.

It does not require an Internet connection.

More Screen shots.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any incorrect postings.


Ioanna said...

nice nice
grats boys

Sofia_aka_Skar said...

:) na valete kai zodia kai tous kyvernites planites...Oo

nikos said...

mpravo paidia poly kali douleia!

nai nai valte kai zwodia 8a einai xrisima! :)

Thomas said...

γιατί εμένα μου βγάζει μόνο στα αγγλικά με καθολικές γιορτές και δεν βλέπω τρόπο να γυρίσει είτε σε Ελληνικά είτε σε ελληνικές γιορτές?

JohnG said...

To change the main screen Language, calendar, Faith, Timezone etc)

Go to iPhone main screen, go to Settings and the bottom press on Today.

It's so simple

Anonymous said...

Uk i-tunes says app is currently unavailable, any idea when it will be available for purchase again?

Giannis said...

Check again please and tell us

Dimitrios said...

giati 2.2? Ego pou gia tous gnwstous logus ehw 2.1 kai to agorasa ti kanw?

Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for the app! I really appreciate the sunrise/set times, and the pleasing GUI. It would be nice to see an upgrade that includes the Badi calendar, or at least the first days of each of the nineteen Baha'i months, the Intercalary days (Feb 26-Mar 1), and the days of fasting (Mar 2 - 20). Peace and joy to you and Happy (Gregorian) New Year!

Giannis said...

Thank you for your kind words.
Your comments will be included in the next edition.
Thanks again.

united said...

Hello, I was wondering if you need an internet connection for the calendar to work?

Giannis said...

You don't need internet connection to work the application.

Anonymous said...

As an Orthodox convert at a Greek church in the US, I thank you guys for a calendar that has an Orthodox calendar. This was my first paid app that I bought back in February. :)

agasaba said...

Thanks very much for such a nice app. I would be greatly appreciated to see the over 2500 years old tradition of Persian New Year’s Day, March 21. Persian new years day is called NO_ROOZ (NO= New, ROOZ= Day).
Thanks again.