Thursday, 4 December 2008

Today Inter Faith Calendar

Interfaith Calendar of World Religions for the iPhone.

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You will now be alerted through notifications system for any name-day, birthday or anniversary from your contacts!

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This Calendar is a personalized (configurable) electronic Interfaith calendar of primary sacred times for world religions.
The user may select amongst various types of religious calendars as well as their respective religious holidays and saints.

Available calendar types:
1. Bahai
2. Chinese Gan Zhi
3. Gregorian
4. Jewish
5. Julian
6. Islamic
7. Persian

The calendar displays:
1. Date, as well as Day/Month/Year
2. Sunrise and sunset time based on Time Zone, Latitude & Longitude
3. Lunar phase
4. Personalized (customizable) religious holidays:
a. Báha' i (major holidays)
b. Buddhist (major holidays)
c. Catholic (Saints Calendar)
d. Jewish (major holidays)
e. Muslim (major holidays)
f. Orthodox (Saints Calendar)
g. Orthodox(Greek) (Saints Calendar)
h. Orthodox old (Saints Calendar)
i. Orthodox old (Greek) (Saints Calendar)
j. Sikh (major holidays)
k. United Nations World Days
l. Biorhythms with comments new!

Other features include:

• New: Navigation through dates more easily with date-picker control
• New: Biorhythms with comments
• New: Zodiac signs & characteristics
• New: Zodiac backgrounds
• New: Turning page sound effect
• Day to day navigation (alternatively with slide left or right feature)
• Resume of current day (alternatively with shake feature)
• Instant estimation of latitude and longitude coordinates
• Concurrent display of all calendar types including all religious holidays

The Christian saint calendars display both regular and floating holidays as well as Easter holiday for all calendar years. For all other religions, all holidays are viewed for years 2008-2011.

It does not require an Internet connection.

More Screen shots.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any incorrect postings.

AppStore User Comments

"Fabulous! What a service!" by bonnie_onpaper
The number of calendars is wonderful to see...thank you SO much for aiding those who choose to follow non-Gregorian calendars.

"Thanks for the quick update !" by Luvlinguae
Thanks for updating the calendar with Persian! Very fast reply! I misunderstood how to modify the calendars in settings, so you may want to explain that in the description. Thanks again!

"Now its Perfect with the update!" by RadioFan1
Thank you very much for update of Sikh calendar. Now I am giving this app 5 star from my previous rating of 1 star. Very fast response. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

"Very useful" by anemi
Very Nice and useful app
Congratulations Giannis

from Stavros Athens Greece

"Thankyou Gianni" by tarama
Fantastic Greek Orthodox resource. Never forget a relative's Saint's Name Day.

"Excellent Application" by DimAnto
A very useful application to have in your iphone. Congratulations on this great app Giannis. I would appreciate though ( I beleive that others would also) if you could implement in a future update, a feature to show all the important holidays in one page (eg. Christmas, Easter, etc). I can understand that there are limitations because of the multi religion concept of our development but ..... GIA THN ELLADA RE ..... Once again my congratulations !

"A must have app so good so easy" by grizouli
Way to go developers! Such good easy and useful app!

"!!!!!" by by marina
Very nice

"nice app. thank you" by pavpra
Very nice application Giannis! I bought it and I am very happy with it.
It would be nice if you could choose also specific dates(not day by day).

Thank you

"cool app" by KatarasGR
wraios!!!keep it up!!!!

"very good work" by signmak
very good application for people and bussiness(man-woman) that need to keep track of name days of customers and beloved ones.....
a big thanx to Giannis Giorgoulakis......

john keep pimping our iphones!!!!

"Useful app!" by pperiklis
Keep up the good work ;)

"Just for all relegions" by Gpou
The best app ever